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Export tax rebates to improve the convenience of the domestic cemented carbide cutter "blade"
Published:2015-4-10   Views:2286

In the new standard of export tax rebates, involving commodity only a kind of machine tool industry, the nc machine tool carbide cutters. Its specific name for hard gold metalworking machinery with a knife and blade () applied in processing, commodity code 8208101000, from 5% to 5%.

Bolstering departure China machine tool industry association tool branch secretary-general shen said in an interview with the author, cemented carbide cutting tools production is the direction of the cutting tool industry in our country in the future, the rising standard export tax rebates, suggests that the countrys support for carbide cutting tools business.

According to introducing, tool production there are two main products in our country, namely, high speed steel tools and carbide cutting tools. Because of the high speed steel cutter production cost a lot of resources, low, low price, and product industry does not encourage this. But due to the demand of domestic machinery manufacturing industry, as well as the domestic enterprise technology transformation, most of the cutting tool domestic enterprises still is given priority to with producing such tool, exports at the same time also is very big. Cutting tool in our country export $800 million last year, most of them are high speed steel material, cemented carbide cutting tools only tens of millions of yuan. At the same time, the export structure of this product, is a factor leading to the international trade friction. Although the United States, Germany and other developed countries tool has no obvious reaction to our country, but in Spain and South America of some countries are boycott the event has occurred. Therefore, Chinas machine tool industry association tool branch repeatedly called for reducing the export of high speed steel cutter, the national standards for carbide cutting tools export tax rebates adjustment, is the best encouragement and support to the industry.

"Several times in this years export rebates policy adjustment, carbide cutting tools and other products of export tax rebates to raise from 5% to 5%, for the enterprise, has more than its meaning is to increase profits so simple. This policy adjustment is mainly to the enterprise a confidence, is the country is no longer stop in exports, at least, release the focus of industrial exports and correct positioning, so confidence is the most important." With the nations support and the confidence of the enterprise itself, believe that the gesac measures are useful tools in future will have stronger competitiveness in the international market. "He said.

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