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The commonly used method maintain loader accessories
Published:2015-4-10   Views:2202

Believe everybody knows any loader accessories products are care of, if not good at ordinary times maintain, will reduce the life and performance of the products, for everybody to better protect your product, below small make up and explain how to maintain the loader accessories?

Regular maintenance knowledge of loader accessories of air filter is for viewing, if once found that the color of the indicator into the red, so be extra attention. Because if the color of the indicator into a red means that the loader accessories maintenance is required.

So by specific loader accessories maintenance indicator into the red should be how to deal with? As far as I know, this time should keep cleaning and leakage inspection of loader accessories. And, of course, does not rule out the maintenance loader accessories indicator itself malfunctioned, and solve the problem of fault indicator itself should be timely to loader accessories to replace filter.

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